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Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

When was the last time you considered the cleanliness of your air ducts? Most individuals assume their ducts are clean enough and never give them a second thought. But with time, your ducts begin to gather debris, insects, and even vermin like rats and mold in addition to dust. In addition to just being blown into your home every time your HVAC system is turned on, these substances can begin to clog up your vents, decreasing their effectiveness. This implies that the cost of cooling or heating your building will increase.

How frequently should my ducts be cleaned?

Your ducts will gather junk even with the greatest filters. There may be some particles that bypass the filter or enter the system in another way. Don’t make the error of assuming that just because your system has a filter, your ducts do not require cleaning. Your ducts will gather debris that will clog them up or, at least, lower the quality of the air in your home when you switch on your HVAC system, especially if you live in a region with high pollution, is surrounded by construction, is unusually windy, or is particularly dusty.

Every two to five years, the average duct system should be cleaned. You may delay professional cleanings longer if your system is well maintained and your filters are changed twice a year. If your system has been operating on your property for more than three years without ever being cleaned, it is probably past due for a cleaning. Your system can become less effective than when it was first installed even after just one season of dust and debris buildup.

When should my air ducts be cleaned?

Even though HVAC duct cleaning does not require as much time as, say, replacing your entire system, you should still set aside some time during a season when you are not likely to use your HVAC so that the duct cleaning company has enough time to thoroughly clean your ducts before you need to use it. The optimum times to have your HVAC system’s ducts cleaned are either early in the spring or late in the fall when you have finished using it to cool or heat your home and have some time until you need to start using it again.

It’s possible that when you turn on your HVAC system, you have noticed a musty or dusty scent. Even while it might go away in a short while, this is another sign that you need HVAC duct cleaning services to thoroughly clean your ducts. In addition to the cold or hot air from the HVAC system, this smell indicates that there is dust and debris in your vents that is being blown into your rooms. Even if you use your system frequently, now is a good time to have your ducts cleaned if the air that comes out of it smells weird.

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